In these guidelines, “Our company” refers to FORCREATORS PTE. LTD., and “NEXAS” refers to the talent agency operated by our company. At NEXAS, our vision is to collaboratively shape a thriving space where each of our talents can excel with the support of our fans. The safety and well-being of our talents are paramount in all our endeavors. While we prioritize the security and positive image of our talents and uphold the brand integrity of NEXAS, we are committed to wholeheartedly supporting and encouraging fan-driven derivative works and community activities. Our approach is to foster a creative and respectful environment, provided it aligns with preserving our talents’ safety, our brand image, and the overall ethos of NEXAS.

1. Scope and Application

  • These guidelines comprehensively apply to derivative works and fan community activities related to our company’s content. This includes, but is not limited to, official characters, static images, videos, and any material exclusively copyrighted by our company.
  • The scope extends to materials accessible through various platforms, including our official website and media channels, ensuring that both creative expressions in derivative works and conduct within fan communities align with our company’s standards and values.

2. Definition of Derivative Works

  • Derivative works are defined as unique creations that draw inspiration from our original content, adding distinct creativity and ideas. This involves transforming the original material in a way that reflects the creator’s personal touch and innovation.
  • The act of directly copying or making trivial changes to our content does not qualify as creating a derivative work. For example, simply copying our official character’s image to merchandise or applying basic edits like trimming or color adjustments are not considered derivative works.
  • Examples of valid derivative works include adding original, inventive alterations to our official character’s images or conceptualizing new creative pieces based on our content, thereby enriching the original material with unique value and perspective.

3. Permission for Derivative Works

  • Creators may engage in derivative work activities in compliance with these guidelines without needing individual approval from our company.
  • Derivative works that strictly adhere to these guidelines are exempt from any copyright claims by our company. However, creators must ensure their works do not infringe on third-party rights or falsely imply official affiliation.

4. Prohibited Content in Derivative Works

  • Derivative works must not contain content that is offensive, immoral, or socially disruptive. This includes avoiding political, religious, or ideologically charged themes.
  • Works that could harm the reputation of our company, talents, or any third party, or those that infringe on others’ rights, are not permitted.
  • Creations that may be mistaken for official content or falsely presented as such are strictly prohibited.

5. Use of Derivative Works

  • By publishing derivative works based on our content, creators automatically grant our company and designated third parties the right to utilize these works. This includes sharing on live broadcasts, social media, or other promotional platforms without compensation.
  • We may modify derivative works for these purposes, ensuring the original essence is maintained.
  • For merchandising purposes, particularly in the creation of physical or digital goods, our company will consult with the creator beforehand.
  • Personal, non-commercial use of derivative works by creators is permitted. Commercial use requires prior permission or a licensing agreement with our company.

6. Fan Communities

  • Fan communities related to our content are expected to uphold our guidelines and values. This includes creating a safe, respectful environment for fans and followers.
  • In exceptional cases, our company may intervene in any of the relevant communities if they violate our general terms of service.
  • Imposing punishment or banning members without valid reasons is prohibited. Communities must provide justification and evidence for such actions upon our request.
  • Engaging in harassment, discrimination, hate speech, or abusive behavior towards any member, talent, or affiliate is strictly forbidden.
  • Privacy of members, talents, and affiliates must be respected; sharing personal information without consent is not allowed.
  • Impersonation or false claims of representation of our company or affiliates are prohibited.

7. Changes to Guidelines

  • Our company reserves the right to modify these guidelines at any time. Creators are responsible for staying informed about the latest versions and ensuring their activities align with the most recent guidelines.

8. Legal Compliance

  • Creators must comply with all applicable laws and regulations related to intellectual property, privacy, and online conduct. This compliance extends to adhering to the terms and conditions of relevant platforms where derivative works are displayed or broadcast.

9. Responsibility and Disputes

  • Creators are solely responsible for any disputes that arise from their derivative works. Our company will not be liable for any conflicts involving third parties due to the use or creation of derivative works based on our content.
  • It is the creator’s responsibility to avoid unauthorized commercial use of our content and to settle any legal disputes that may occur due to their derivative works.